Double A Blues Synopsis

It only took about eight months but I finished my first novel.  I have signed on with a publisher and it should come out in mid 2013.  Here is a synopsis and I’ll be posting notes about the publishing process as I work my way through it.
Zach had always dreamed of being a major league baseball player.  He knew that’s what he wanted to do since he was five years old.  He had spent his entire life working towards that goal and everything had gone according to plan until now.  True, he was a professional baseball player, but not for a major league team.  He was about to start his third year with the Birmingham Barons, a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. 
His best friend, Manny, tried to tell Zach to be patient and to focus on things other than baseball, but Zach wouldn’t listen.  He felt that any change from the plan would only hurt, not help him. 
He had seen a number of players come and go over the years and he was still stuck in Birmingham.  If he didn’t move up to the next level this year he might be released and that could mean the end of his career.  Zach was not about to let that happen and he would do whatever it took to keep his dream alive.  But how far would he go?
An early season slump tests Zach’s resolve and he is tempted to cut corners and give in to a mysterious stranger’s advice.   A chance meeting with a beautiful college student named Sarah helps provide Zach with the balance that his life has been missing and he starts to finally realize his true potential.  
But is it too late?  Will the mistakes of the past catch up with him and cost him both his dream of making the major leagues and a shot at love?  How will his decisions impact the people in his life?  Can they forgive him for what he’s done?  Can he forgive himself?
Double A Blues explores one man’s journey to fulfill his dream and the lengths that he will go to achieve it.  It also shows you that every decision that you make impacts other people as much, if not more, than it does you.  It is a classic tale of right and wrong that will leave you thinking “What would I have done?”

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